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Nice to meet you! My name is Sheena, and this website is the hub for all my creative endeavors. You'll be able to find cosplay and modeling albums, write-ups documenting various projects, as well as posters, polaroids and apparel for sale!

Members get exclusive updates, but you can also follow me on social media for news and upcoming live streams.

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My Story

While most well-known for her cosplay work, Sheena's first artistic venture was in the field of animation. From Studio Ghibli to Nickelodeon, the concept of story-telling through a harmony of sequences driven by musical scores ignited a flame of attraction to the medium in the young girl.


After graduation she found herself scrambling to meet a last-minute deadline for acceptance at UBC for English courses, with a side of elective Film History. Little did she know that was about to completely change the trajectory of her career path. Unbeknownst to her, the professor she had been spending time with after every class also taught at VFS, and was eager to get her into the program.

From then on it was obvious to Sheena - being creative makes her happy, but even better is finding people to create, collaborate and share those creations with.

Successfully building her career with her first studio job, Sheena continued creating cosplay in her off hours. Carefully planning her schedule, she would put in extra hours at work before and after a weekend away at an event to show off her latest creation.

Before she knew it there were requests for prints of her costumes, and thus a print store was founded. From then on various works of Sheena's cosplay have been made available to her fans online. Posters and polaroids were sold at conventions internationally, and members of her Patreon were rewarded with exclusive monthly content.

In late 2013, there finally came a way for her to utilize her 3D modeling lessons for cosplay - 3D printing.

Still desiring a social element to her career, the animator turned professional cosplayer also has a history in the live stream world. Past broadcasts have included creating costume pieces, playing games with community members and subscribers, RPGs and more.

No matter the project, peers or problem, Sheena strives to keep moving forward.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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