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Frequently asked questionS

  • What was it that first got you into Cosplay?
    The whimsical fantasy of changing your appearance so drastically to perform as a fictional character. I suppose when you break it down, the way I approach cosplay is a form of theatrical performance. I enjoy creating or paying homage to cinematic stills from video games or really memorable moments from anime. To me, it's make-believe-made-real.
  • How does one become a Professional Cosplayer?
    The truth is, any career in the art field is incredibly taxing with very little time to rest. Being passionate about what one does can give you an edge, but there is also a great deal of self-discipline, setting and following a work schedule as well as training oneself to wear many different hats. Knowing when to call a project "done" is a skill in and of itself as well. There are many avenues you may choose to follow, and there are no right or wrong answers. Learn how to manage a budget for your projects, practice marketing yourself and don't expect handouts. It's a tough field where a lot of success comes down to luck - the right costume at the right time in the right place for just the right amount of exposure. If you try and you fail, don't take it to heart. The art field is a ruthless one, and your success does not hinge solely on your value as a person. Keep your chin up and don't sweat it if you can't make it your full-time career. If you'd rather keep your day job and cosplay in your spare time, remember that you can always decide to monetize your hobby.
  • Do you make all of your costumes and props yourself?
    When I first started my reward tiers on Patreon, I was sitting on a backlog of costumes I hadn't yet shot. The more time that went on, I found myself struggling to balance quality with the quantity of projects I was producing each year, as I quickly burnt through all the costumes I had. While I still make or tailor several pieces, replace armor and build props, there is no way I would be able to run everything by myself without purchasing some pieces here and there. My favorite compromise has been to commission and collaborate with my friends when time allows. I personally do not think there is anything wrong with purchasing costumes or props or styled wigs. It's a tremendous amount of work to refine your skill set in every category. Go easy on yourself!
  • How did you learn to 3D model?
    Following the completion of my 2D Animation program, I enrolled in a 3D Animation program where I spent the majority of my time focusing on modeling. While I do believe I benefited from the environment - being surrounded by artistic peers and professors - we were often instructed to reference The Gnomon Workshop for tutorials and resources. If you're interested in making your own 3D models for printing but have no idea where to start, I highly suggest checking them out. I hear Blender is a great up-and-coming contender to Maya, also. 😊
  • How big is your team?
    I'm my own manager, accountant, stylist, costumer, designer, shipping handler and more! There are times I would prefer to simply disappear for 24 hours working on a project, but alas, normal business hours have a strong grip on things.
  • Why can't I checkout?
    The store is currently in a soft-launch phase. To properly finish on-boarding the shipping settings, options are limited to domestic residents of the USA only. I apologize for this temporary inconvenience. If you'd like to know when international shipping becomes available, consider subscribing to the newsletter!
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