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Gambol Shroud

Once the process for turning a model into a finished prop was mostly hashed out, it was immediately on to the next. This is still my personal favorite design, and I'd love to revisit it someday with additional engineering. 10 years has been a long time to learn! Originally made back in 2014, this was one of the first 3D printed props.

Assembly, Cleanup & Fitting

There were a few things going on during the creation of this replica. For instance, deciding on what adhesives, what filler, order of operations; everything you could think of, we wanted to try different things. Let's use painter's tape instead of gaff tape, please..

I came around one day and found the prints slathered in autobody filler, so I got to work sanding the majority of it away while politely stating I would be the sole person cleaning them up from here on out. It was still pretty exciting seeing it all come together, including the sword slotting inside its' bladed sheath! Revisiting this, I would definitely add allowance for some sort of headliner foam for the inside; as it is you're just dragging the prints against each other.

Durability & Painting

Once I was no longer dealing with trying to smooth out the PLA and filler, I pulled out some of my 1mm sintra sheets to create a thin cover. Due to how hollow the inside remains, there were not a lot of opportunities to key the segments together so this was my attempt to provide a distribution of weight along the length of these sheets.

Once they were all super glued onto the PLA, I took my time cleaning up the edges, spot-filling and filing away anything that might show up after priming. As always, after each coat of filler primer, I hit the pieces with ~400+ sandpaper to really get that nice surface. Once everything was painted up, I was finally able to glue the last pieces together. Some ribbon was tied to the piece at the hilt and the stands to hold them were printed and painted already.


RTX 2014

Studio Shoot

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